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Indexed Public Market Investing

We believe that index investing will continue to surpass individual stock picking as the most reliable way to generate positive long-term returns from the public markets. Livingston Capital Fund, LP is a partnership that invests in public market indices, both long and short. Our firm seeks to identify narrow market indices that are likely to underperform the broader market, and we maintain short positions in these indices. We rarely trade, thus reducing the short-term tax burden to our LPs. And current tax laws allow us to opportunistically harvest investment losses while maintaining our targeted investment exposure. We maintain a net long exposure above 100% to take advantage of historically rising markets in the US.

Indexed Angel Investing

Livingston Capital Ventures, LP is a series partnership that builds diversified portfolios of early stage venture deals from across the United States. Collectively, we are active members of a number of private investment communities in major startup ecosystems excluding Silicon Valley Technology. In each group, we cooperate with hundreds of experienced investors to find, screen, research, invest in, and mentor promising startups in both the Technology and the Healthcare sectors. Through this cooperative process, we have direct access to a variety of industry experts who are themselves active investors. This enables us to construct large and diverse portfolios that span multiple industries including consumer technology, medical devices, financial technology, therapeutics, business software, and many others.

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